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The following bodybuilding tips will help you define and gain muscle mass. This provides recommendations suitable to effectively obtain the muscles you’ve been eying for.

To bring out the best in your abs you need to monitor your diet closer and cut all the junk with the empty high calories. Exercises such as crunches 1 x 15 then hanging leg raises 1 x 15 then onto lying leg raises 1 x 15 repeat 4 times dropping the reps can form your 6-pack abs. Rest between sets about 20 seconds.

Lifting weights in women will be a great help in weight loss, health or fitness goals. This bodybuilding tip that some women believe will result in huge muscles if they lift weights is not true, women don’t have enough of the male hormone muscle builder testosterone. Weight lifting is an excellent form of exercise not just for men.

You need to get off that leg extension machine and learn how to squat correctly to build massive legs, along with the dead lift and the leg press.

Two body parts per session is ideal to fully concentrate on the body parts and put in 100% effort

The ideal rep range for muscle growth is 8 to 12, so if you find yourself getting 12 reps or more no problem then it’s time to up the weight to bring you back down to the almost impossible 8 rep sets.

Muscles usually require around 48 to 72 hours full recovery from a hard workout session.

Two to three hours after you get up out of bed is the best time because hormone levels are high and your back has re-adjusted itself by then, but anytime is a great time to train.

1.14 grams of protein per pound of body weight is a good guide, though lean body weight should be taken into consideration for a more accurate figure and not total body weight.

Stay motivated by writing down everything you do and every bodybuilding tip that you learn at the gym. Write down your sets reps and weight used so you can see how much progress you are making. You can also change your routine every so often to avoid staleness and keep motivation high.

Smoking slows down the progress reaching your desired goal. It’s also bad for your health, but you knew that already. Start to quit smoking until you find one that works for you.

To prevent stretch marks from appearing once you start losing the body fat, eat high quality nutritious foods and take a good multi-vitamin/mineral. Take zinc, vitamins C and E. You could also try a good vitamin e cream if you already have stretch marks.

You need 8 to 10 hours of sleep for optimum muscle growth.

To gain muscle mass, you should ensure that you are getting at least 8 hours every night.

The least that could be taken before bedtime is zinc and magnesium. Try limiting the number of repetitions to five and the weight should reflect these rep sets.

Working out is not advisable if you have a sore muscle. This bodybuilding tip of sore muscles is a clear indicator that you have not recovered from your last session. You need another day or two off. It will delay muscle growth.

To build massive strength, you need to lift weights that are extremely heavy and do the basic exercises like squat, presses and dead lifts. Rep range should be 2 to 5.


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